COVID-19 Use of CareMessage

Use CareMessage to get information out to patients and staff.

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This page will link you to relevant Help Center articles that will get you started messaging your patients around COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

Check out the short video below for an overview of the steps you can take to begin communicating with your patients:

  1. Login. Make sure your login is up to date. Visit this page if you need help with resetting your password.

  2. Update or Create patient profiles. If you are ready to message patients, or think you might want to message them, we recommend you start adding their profiles to CareMessage as soon as possible using our file center or with an introductory message sent via an integration. Doing this ahead of time can be helpful in the event that you are unable to access your physical clinic location. Since the CareMessage product is cloud-based, you would still be able to message patients from home using our website even if you cannot access your EMR. You can find more information on our file center on this page.

  3. Create staff profiles. If you would like to message your staff or volunteers, simply create their profiles in the same way you do with patients and use their mobile number as their Patient ID. One additional step we recommend for staff is to add a group column to your upload file so they exist in your account as a single group for messaging.

  4. Create or review outreach templates. We recommend you create a list of templates you might need in your account. You can create your own messages, or copy/paste from the publicly available COVID-19 library we have created to align with our recommended strategies. If you need help with message creation email [email protected]. For help with template creation or loading, contact our support team.

  5. Send outreach messages. Creating and sending an outreach message takes a few steps, you can find detailed instructions here. Keep in mind our standard messaging hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. We would really appreciate it if you are able to send us an email to [email protected] or contact our support team as soon as you know you plan to outreach to more than 25,000 patients. This will help our team make sure your outreach goes out successfully. This is an additional step we have put in place since we are seeing an unusually high volume of messaging across all of our customers. Half a million messages went out last week about COVID-19!

  6. Review responses. After your outreach message has gone out, you can start to monitor responses directly on the website. We recommend sorting the column by patient response to see the unexpected responses, which are flagged for you both through a visual indicator (orange dot) as well as a filter. You also have the option to download a file with all responses, but given the volume of messaging we are seeing you might see longer than normal wait times for the file to become available.

  7. Follow up. If you notice any unexpected patient responses that require follow-up, you can use our Messenger feature to set up 1-to-1 communication via text message.

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