The CareMessage feature for messaging newly assigned Medicaid patients will improve patient engagement and save staff time.

With an increase in Medicaid enrollment nationwide, we understand how hard it is for safety-net providers to manage this new influx of patients. Thats why we've launched a new feature that empowers you to manage and message Medicaid patients from a single CareMessage account.

It's a simple two step process:

  1. Upload your newly assigned Medicaid patients into CareMessage via our File Center special action for "importing members"

  2. Send your newly assigned patients an outreach message

Once patients receive a text with information about how to book an appointment, new appointments will be booked without your staff having to spend hours on the phone.

Health center staff spend copious amounts of time manually outreaching to newly assigned Medicaid patients with a limited return on that investment.

Using the CareMessage outreach feature to mass message all of your newly assigned patients will improve your outreach efforts, allow you to test different communication strategies and save your team time. We even take care of upgrading profiles once your patient is established, creating a seamless end-to-end workflow.

If you're an existing CareMessage user, visit this link to learn more:

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