What is the Referrals feature?

The Referrals feature is designed to help you follow up with patients who have open referrals. It consists of a series of four messages that are centered around an open referral. This workflow allows your organization to remind patients to schedule their referral appointment, and to gather the following information about the status of their referral appointment:

  • If the referral is scheduled

  • When the referral is scheduled

  • Whether the patient has attended the scheduled referral

How is the referral workflow unique?

Instead of you manually sending each message, referral messages use a “smart” workflow that sends the next message automatically based on patient responses. The messages use rolling enrollment, so you can add new patients with referrals at any time and they will be messaged automatically.

If you're an existing CareMessage customer you can learn more here: https://help.caremessage.org/en/collections/2711719-referrals

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