Automated appointment reschedule texts will save staff time and make it easier for patients to reschedule cancelled appointments.

Currently, many clinics rely on phone calls to reschedule cancelled appointments. Lots of time and energy is spent calling patients, waiting on holds, waiting for patient call backs, etc.

With automated appointment reschedule texts, CareMessage will automatically ask patients who decline an appointment to text back their new availability. Clinic staff can then use Messenger to respond to patients and confirm their new appointments.

Here's how to use it:

1. Go to Messenger Settings and turn on "Appointment Reschedule via Messenger"

2. Customize your English and Spanish messages as needed.

3. Once patients start responding, reply to them in Messenger.

Health center staff and call centers can save time and resources by rescheduling appointments via texts rather than phone calls. With automated appointment reschedule texts, CareMessage automatically starts the reschedule process on your behalf, and patients can respond on their own time.

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