This guide covers the structure of files to be used in CareMessage Appointment SFTP uploads.

Some key requirements:

  • Files should be saved as CSV or CSV UTF-8 files (file extension of “.csv”)

  • Files should have UTF-8 character encoding

Appointment Creation File Overview

An Appointment Creation file will allow you to create new appointments in your CareMessage account. For this file, you will need a list of the appointments that you'd like to be added to your account - including the associated patients and their necessary demographic information outlined below.

File Name Format:


  • {File_Created_Datetime} - This is the datetime stamp of when your file was created. It should be formatted as YYMMDDhhmmss.

Example File Name:


Among the necessary columns, your upload file will require the specification of Appointment Templates. To create Appointment Templates specific to your organization's needs, check out the guide on creating Creating Appointment Templates.

If your organization specifies these Appointment Templates by their ID in Column 4 of your appointment import files, you will need to provide the ID associated with this Template. This ID can be found in the URL when you select one of your templates on the Appointment Template page:

Your Appointment ID may look like the below example:

File Contents Format:

Each row of this table corresponds to a column of your CSV file.

Position: The column of your CSV file which should hold this value

Field: The value that this column should contain

Type: The data type of this value

Description: Details on what this value means and how it should be formatted

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