COVID-19 Vaccination Messaging Workflows

Leverage CareMessage to mitigate vaccine aversion, notify patients about both availability and eligibility

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Inform patients regarding vaccine safety, notify them when the vaccine is available to them, send reminders for both appointments, and check-in with them afterward.

Educate: Use Outreach Messaging to inform patients about the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Our messaging library on COVID-19 vaccines is available here, the messages in our library have been approved by our Medical Advisory Board and will help your patients understand the importance of this vaccine.

  • Our Outreach feature, for one-to-many communication, is the perfect tool to use to broadcast this information to your patient population, learn more here.


Vaccines save lives. We strongly recommend taking the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes widely available. This vaccine is very safe and is approved by experts at our health center. It is the best way to stay protected from COVID-19 related deaths. Call us at (###) ###-#### if you have questions.

Las vacunas salvan vidas. Le recomendamos con certeza que reciba la vacuna contra el COVID-19 cuando se vuelva ampliamente disponible. La vacuna es muy segura y esta aprobada por expertos en nuestro centro de salud. Es la mejor forma de protegerse de muertes relacionadas al COVID-19. Llamenos al (###) ###-#### si tiene preguntas.

Targeted Outreach: Segment your patient population by eligibility and notify them of their eligibility

  • Once you've educated your patient population about the vaccine, the next step is to encourage them to book vaccine appointments once they are eligible

  • Segment your patient population for targeted messaging, some segments can include: patients who are 75+, patients who are 65-74, patients with underlying conditions, etc. For a full list of CDC recommendations visit this link:


The COVID-19 vaccine will be available at our Health Center starting (MON/DATE). You are eligible to receive the vaccine. This vaccine is safe and it will save lives. We strongly encourage you to take the vaccine. Call us to make your vaccine appointment: (###) ###-####

La vacuna contra el COVID-19 estara disponible en nuestro Centro de Salud comenzando el (MON/DATE). Usted es elegible para recibir la vacuna. Esta vacuna es segura y salvara vidas. Le recomendamos con certeza que reciba la vacuna. Llamenos para programar su cita: (###) ###-####

Appointment Reminders: Use CareMessage to remind patients of their vaccine appointments

  • Once COVID-19 vaccine appointments are being booked, use texting to remind patients to attend.

  • Full platform users: If you're a full platform customer, use our appointment template feature to create a specific template for COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

  • CM Light: If you're a CM Light customer, use our Outreach feature to collect Yes or No responses on whether or not patients can attend COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

CMLight Outreach Example

“This is [Health Center]: %{patient_first_name} has a COVID-19 Vaccine appointment is today at [Location]. Are you coming? Text YES or NO

Somos de [Health Center]: %{patient first name} tiene una cita para la vacuna del COVID-19 hoy en [Location]. Puedes atender? Envia “Si” o “NO.

If yes: Please arrive at [Location] 15 minutes early. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX with questions. A face covering is required.

Si affirmativto: Por favor llegue a [Location] 15 minutos antes. Si tiene preguntas llame al XXX-XXX-XXXX. Se requiere una mascara.

If no: Without the COVID-19 vaccine, you will not have protection from the virus. Please do everything you can to attend. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to discuss further.”

Si no: Sin la vacuna contra el COVID-19, no tendra proteccion contra el virus. Por favor, haga todo lo posible para asistir. Llame al XXX-XXX-XXXX para hablar.

Messenger: Check in with patients individually after each vaccine appointment

  • Make use of the new messenger templates feature to cut down on time spent on each message and use the @ tags to make each message more personal.


Hi @Patient First Name, this is @Staff First Name from {Provider}. Thank you for coming in for your first COVID-19 vaccine dose. Some side effects like sore muscles, feeling tired, or mild fever are totally normal. How are you feeling today?

Hola, @Patient First Name, este es @Staff First Name de {Provider}. Gracias por venir para recibir su primera dosis de vacuna COVID-19. Algunos efectos secundarios, como dolor muscular, cansancio o fiebre leve, son totalmente normales. ¿Cómo te sientes hoy?

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