COVID-19 Telehealth Education

Resources to educate your patients about telehealth

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A number of your patients have never experienced telehealth before. To help clinics prepare their patients for telehealth, we created a series of videos that can be used to explain the following in English and Spanish:

  1. What is telehealth?

  2. How to prepare for a telehealth appointment

  3. How to use for telehealth

  4. How to use Zoom for telehealth

To help you send these videos to your patients, we also created templates for outreach messages on our public COVID-19 messaging library. See the sample videos below or visit our YouTube channel for the full list.

Sending a Telehealth Survey to Patients

What is Telehealth?

Prepare for your telehealth appointment

How to use

How to use Zoom

Spanish Language Videos

¿Qué es la telesalud?

Prepárese para su cita de telesalud

Como usar

Como usar Zoom

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