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2023 Release: Post-Appointment Messaging
2023 Release: Post-Appointment Messaging
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  • What is Post-Appointment Messaging?

Post-appointment messaging workflows use patient-level appointment data to automatically enroll patients into customized messaging.

Post-Appointment Messaging is:

  • Tailored to the needs of the health center: you can decide which patient segments you want to follow up with, and when.

  • Delivered based on patient-level data pulled from the EHR: once we determine who receives the messages, patients will receive them automatically on an ongoing basis.

  • Can all CareMessage customers use Post-Appointment Messaging?

For customers with established appointment integrations, we can use appointment attendance data to trigger patient enrollment into Post-Appointment Messaging.

Post-Appointment Messaging cannot be implemented for customers without an appointment integration, because messages are sent based on appointment attendance data that needs to be pulled from the customer EHR.

  • How do you make sure patients get the right messages?

Patients receive automated post-appointment messaging based on attendance data that we pull from your EHR. Patient-level data allows us to determine that patients either have or have not attended their recent appointments, or that they saw a specific practitioner, etc. For example, patients who attended an appointment can receive a satisfaction survey. Patients who no-showed an appointment receive a message prompting them to reschedule. There are lots of other potential uses!

We will work with you to determine what messaging should be sent to which group. Once itโ€™s set up, this will happen on an automated basis.

  • How long does it take to set up Post-Appointment Messaging?

The standard timeline, from when we outline the desired content and cadence for each use case to sending the first messages is approximately three weeks. Setup may take more time depending on client availability and the CareMessage pipeline- your Customer Success Manager will confirm this with you.

  • What impact have you seen with Post-Appointment Messaging?

Earlier this year, we worked with a select group of customers to introduce Post-Appointment Messaging, with a goal of re-engaging with patients after their appointment time has passed. Post-Appointment Messaging was proven to be effective in driving access to care: customers saw a 24% response rate from patients prompted to reschedule missed appointments.

  • Is there an additional fee for Post-Appointment Messaging?

The development of Post-Appointment Messaging required us to invest time and effort in advancing our integrations functionality. We are proud of this work, and plan to continue to innovate to create automated solutions that improve health access and health outcomes for our customers and their patients. In order to be able to do so, we need to charge an incremental price for advanced messaging functionality. Post-Appointment Messaging requires an implementation fee and an annual fee. Contact our Customer Success team to learn more!

  • How can I get started with Post-Appointment Messaging?

Contact the CareMessage Customer Success team to discuss how Post-Appointment Messaging can help you automate messaging workflows to deliver personalized content and prompt action.

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