Requesting a User Account

Any user with a Staff Supervisor account at your organization can create a new user account for you. If you'd like to have an account created and are unsure of the best Staff Supervisor to reach out to at your organization, [email protected] can help you find the right person. 

Creating User Accounts

  1. Navigate to "Settings" on the main CareMessage toolbar 

  2. Click "Create Staff" on the top right 

  3. Fill out the Name, email address, and contact fields 

  4. Select "Staff Member" or "Staff Supervisor". Staff Members have limited access to CareMessage. You can customize their access by feature. To give a user full access to CareMessage, select the "Staff Supervisor" role. Note: One Staff Supervisor cannot edit another Staff Supervisor. If you need to edit the account of a Staff Supervisor, please reach out to [email protected].

  5. If you'd like your staff members to only have access to some features and not all - use the Access by Feature drop-downs to select which features the staff member will have access to. 

  6. Should this user access Protected Health Information (PHI)? Each new account will default this setting to "No", obscuring their ability to view protected health information in your system. If you're adding staff who need to see the name, date of birth and other patient identification and upload patient files, select "Yes".

  7. Select "Create" 

Updating Existing User Accounts

  1. Navigate to "Settings" on the main CareMessage toolbar

  2. Select the "Edit" button next to a staff member's name 

  3. Update the desired settings 

  4. Select "Save" 

Resetting a Password

You can reset your password by entering your email here:

and walking through the reset steps outlined in our guide on Logging in to CareMessage.

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