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The health of your patients is our top priority at CareMessage. We know that the last few weeks have been challenging for many of the health organizations we work with, as the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to expand. Now, more than ever, effective health communication with your staff and patients is imperative as we all fight to stop the spread of the virus. We have taken action to bolster our efforts in supporting you during this turbulent time by offering the following: 

  • Dedicated COVID-19 Task Force. We created an internal group dedicated to supporting our customers in their fight against coronavirus. We have a live support team that is ready to answer any of your questions and we will be constantly updating our recommended coronavirus communication strategy directly on our help center. If there's anything else you need from us, email [email protected].

  • COVID-19 Communication Strategy. We created patient and staff messages (in English and Spanish) to notify them of any changes in your policies and to communicate best practices for prevention and preparedness. Last week, our health centers sent over half a million messages to patients and staff on these important topics! 

  • COVID-19 Clinic Best Practices. On the same spreadsheet as our messages, we have included a tab where we are crowdsourcing other best practices from what our health centers are doing. We will update it with the latest ideas from our clinics as they move quickly to respond to the changing landscape.

  • Product Enhancements. We are working to ensure we can address immediate needs tied to COVID-19. You can see what we have released and what we are working on here.

Our mission as a non-profit is to empower you with technology that improves the health of your patients, and we hope that the additional actions we are taking will better serve you during these difficult times. 

Reach out to our Support Staff if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance or email [email protected].

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