COVID-19 Messaging Recommendations

Recommended strategy to communicate information to Patients and Staff

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The messages we have created are available to any organization, whether they are a CareMessage customer or not. Feel free to share the link to the Google Spreadsheet directly. They can be modified to be used on social media or any other messaging platform.

We currently have messages for the following topics:

  • Introduction. Let patients and staff know you will be using text messages to communicate the latest information.

  • Prevention. Hand washing education, links to the CDC website

  • Education. Symptoms, links to the CDC website

  • Preventing Exposure. Notices to notify the clinic before coming in to prevent unintended exposure to staff and patients

  • Navigating Resources. Distributing trustworthy information to patients is critical. If you are using other tools like Social Media or your website to update your information, let patients know where to find it.

  • Food Distribution. Low-income patients will be financially hit the hardest by this pandemic, and may be finding it difficult to afford food. Some Feeding America locations are offering a 14-day supply of non-perishable food. We recommend making your patients aware of this resource as soon as possible.

  • Staff Communication. Your staff and volunteers probably have a lot of questions on your policies and up-to-date information. We've created messages to communicate with them.

  • Medication Refills. We know low-income patients already struggle with accessing medication. Since partners like Direct Relief are working hard to distribute medication to our clinics, we created messages to ensure those medications are delivered to patients as quickly as possible.

  • Clinic Announcements. Let patients know about limited clinic availability, changes to guest policies, changes in procedures, etc.

If you have ideas for any other messages or communication best practices, email [email protected] or contact our support team.

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