COVID-19 Product Enhancements

Changes to the product in response to COVID-19 needs

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Given the need to respond to the changing environment around COVID-19, our team is taking any necessary steps to implement necessary product changes to support our clinics.

Here's a central list of changes we have made:

  • Increased character length for outreach. (03/16/20) To allow you to send the information you need, we are increasing the length to 320 characters (two messages). Some customers are using this additional space to send content in both languages to all patients.

  • Improved response parsing for acknowledgement messages from patients. (03/16/20)When a patient texts in ok, thanks, gracias, etc. they will not receive an unrequested message response back. The message thread will simply end.

  • Improvements to file upload speed. (03/16/20) We have removed a requirement to have a patient listed only once in a patient creation file. This will help speed up file upload processing.

  • Improvements to file download speed. (03/18/20) We have made adjustments to the outreach download file to get you the most important data. For now, the system will only export the unmapped responses file which includes the Patient ID, Patient Name, Phone Number, and all the messages exchanged.

  • Disabling of messaging services for appointments (and other features). (03/25/20) Our support team will be able to shut off messaging services for appointments and other features. We know a few of you are still deciding what to do with upcoming appointments and don't want reminders to keep going out. With this new feature, we can make those messages be ignored until you are ready to ramp up messaging again without having to cancel all of your appointments. You will see them on the UI highlighted as "Message Failed".

  • Expanded "COVID-19" In-app templates. For our customers joining us for the first time due to COVID-19, their account now comes preloaded with 8 COVID-19 templates. If you are not a new customer and need help getting templates preloaded, please contact our support team. You can see our sample templates here.

  • Spanish language on Outreach enabled by default. (03/26/20) We noticed some clinics were not selecting the "Spanish" language field when sending an outreach, and thus not messaging Spanish-speaking patients. During this time, it's really important that you reach your entire patient population so we enabled the field by default. Keep in mind that the system will message a patient based on the language selected, the patients with a Spanish-language designation in their profile never receive the message if you only send the content on the English language field. If you need help with translations, please contact our support team and our certified medical interpreter can help with translating your messages.

  • Shorten the names of outreach exports. (03/26/20) We have shortened the names of the outreach files you export. We heard from some Microsoft users that this was preventing some files from being saved, so the shortened name should help bring down the character count to fit the Microsoft limitation.

  • Display and edit your error messages. (04/02/20) If you have a Staff Supervisor role, go to your settings page and you will now see a tab for error messages. There you have the ability to edit the error message that goes out to patients when they respond to a "No Response" message.

  • Mass deletion of patients via the file center. (04/07/20) We added action to the file center that will allow you to delete groups of patients by uploading their IDs. Patients who have been messaged or are scheduled to be messaged cannot be deleted.

  • Changes to how the system messages patients on outreach. (04/07/20) We have removed the outreach communication preference from the patient profile, and instead we modified how the system determines what to send based on the communication method available (mobile and/or landline).

  • Mass opt-out of patients via the file center. (04/08/20) We are adding an action to the file center that will allow you to opt-out groups of patients by uploading their ID. This will be a global opt-out, so a patient will receive no more messages.

  • Returning an error file with unprocessed rows on the file center. (04/13/20) We are making an enhancement to the file center to allow it to process all the rows without errors, and return a file with the rows that could not be processed. This will help you be able to work more efficiently on any data clean up.

  • Send one message per shared number.  CareMessage now ensures that only one patient per family gets a message. When you create an outreach including multiple shared numbers, the message will be sent to that number once and all additional instances of the message will be marked as duplicates.

Please contact our support team if you are running into any other COVID-19 messaging issues.

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