Best Practice Recommendations: COVID Vaccines

Segment your patient population, send resources to patients to help with vaccine confidence, and save staff time in the process

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Now is a great time to survey your patients via text to understand which patients have or have not taken the vaccine

Improve the Integrity of Your Vaccinated Patient Data

Use CareMessage to deliver an Outreach message to determine who among your patients still needs the vaccine, which patients do not want the vaccine, and which patients have received the vaccine elsewhere:

Collecting these responses will enable you to A. book more vaccine appointments, B. initiate a conversation to instill confidence in the vaccine, and C. improve the integrity of your vaccinated patient data.

Segment Your Patient Data

In the example below, you can set your Outreach Message Type to “Multiple Choice” giving patients the option to text back A, B, C, or D.

You can also set up acknowledgment messages to patients based on their response, a patient who responded A might get a different auto-reply from a patient who responded D.

Follow Up With Patients Who Indicate a Lack of Vaccine Confidence

If patients respond to previous messaging indicating they do not feel safe taking the vaccine or lack confidence in the vaccine's ability to prevent COVID-19, send them additional targeted messaging:

Direct Patients to Resources to Increase Vaccine Confidence

1:1 conversations and “town halls” have been extremely effective ways to reach out to patients who lack confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Inviting patients to a conversation is a great way to hear their concerns about the vaccine and open up conversations about why taking the vaccine can help save lives and reduce community spread.

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